Cell isolation and sorting techniques

Today several projects within therapy are based on using viable cells as personalized medicines and these cells have to be pure and active. The separation and sorting processes of the cells is thus of critical nature.

Numerous cell isolation and sorting techniques have been developed for benchtop and clinical settings that are based on either physical properties of the cell or on cell-surface affinity. Standard separation techniques based on the cells physiological properties include filtration, centrifugation and sedimentation. However, in the field of cell therapy the cell size or density differences are not significant and effective cell separation is hindered. Therefore other methods are used.



Isolation techniques that are based on the cell-surfaces antigen binding such as fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) is now popular and attractive. Because of its specificity, flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability MACS is currently the technique with the greatest potential for cell separation in the cell therapy field. Until now, effective magnetic-based cell separation methodologies are present for up to 100ml sample volumes.

Our novel MAGic methodology including magnetized resins and magnetic separators for all scales of purification of cells for therapy use. The technique offers a unique scalability from the lab bench through pilot and to the final process scale.


Our products dedicated for cells

MAGic™Beads ACT
Surface activated magnetic beads for covalent couplig of antibodies. By coupling cell-surface antigen active antibodies, the magnetic beads can be used both in positive selection and in negative selection (untouched) approaches of cell separation. We offer customized covalent coupling service of antibodies to the activated beads.

MAGic™Accio Lab, Pilot and Process
Our magnetic separators (MAGicSep) gives unique scaleability for the lab, pilot and the process scale.