Monoclonal – and polyclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are the most accelerating drug products on the market. With an increasing demand of mAbs, a significant burden has been placed on the mAbs capture and downstream process. The Protein A column chromatography process, which can reach over 90% purity, is the overall golden standard process for the purification of mAbs. However, before the Protein A column capture step, the cells producing the mAbs needs to be removed by filtration or centrifugation in order to prevent column clogging issues. This step will decrease the overall yield, is costly, can take many hours, and also to increase host cell protein (HCP) levels and proteolytic activity in the clarified material, due to cell lysis demanding following challenging purification steps. 


Our MAGic methodology is a one-step batch separation product-recovery process, directly applied on the cell broth, and provides increased product yield and savings in terms of time, material, and other resources, while also reducing the HCP levels. The methodology includes a magnetized resin, our MAGicBeads dedicated for mAb capture, together with specially designed magnetic separators, our MAGicSep units, optimized for efficient separation of the magnetized resin. Our products gives unique scalability for the lab, pilot and the process scale.

Our MAGicBeads also seamlessly integrate with commercial high-throughput automation systems

Our products dedicated for antibodies

MAGic™Beads mAb
MAGicBeads mAb is a magnetic bead coupled with an alkali resistant protein A ligand optimized for purification of mAbs directly from the cell broth. The high bindning capacity, stability of the matrix and alkali resistance of the ligand makes the resin suitable for repeated purification cycles without loosing performance when cleaning with 0.1-0.2M NaOH between the runs.

MAGic™Beads custom
MAGicBeads is an agarose-based magnetic bead coupled with an recombinant protein A ligand for capture and recovery of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directly from complex feedstocks.

MAGic™Beads SerA
MAGicBeads SerA are optimized for the purification of polyclonal antibodies from serum and monoclonal antibodies from ascites fluid samples. The magnetic beads have a binding capacity of 60 mg human or rabbit IgG per ml settled beads.

MAGic™Accio Lab, Pilot and Process
The MAGicSep Lab and Pilot units are designed for durability with a lacquered plastic shell and nickel plated neodymium magnets placed safely inside. They fit standard test tubes and are available in sizes from 1 ml to liters. The MAGicSep Process units are made for efficient capture of 1-40 liters of MAGicBeads from thousands of litres of complex feedstocks.